Miami Rooftop Roofing Restoration




Waterproofing of a roof deck at the top of the condominium, roof top is used as a recreational area. We used a fluid applied roofing system to restore and refresh this common area.

Type: Miami Rooftop Roofing Restoration

Date: Summer 2015

Size: 1100 Square Feet

Roofing System: Hydrostop Traffic Deck System

Rooftop or Roof Deck Patio Solutions

Rooftop patios are becoming more and more popular for their unique location and great views, especially Miami Rooftop roofing restorations. Keeping these roofs watertight is a serious job that requires the right scope of work and special application. Many manufacturers are now offering some form of liquid applied roofing, however, not all are able to withstand regular traffic. For this project we needed a product that was going to exceed minimum requirements and allow the condominium residents to walk freely.

We presented a HydroStop roofing system which had different components that would allow this Miami Rooftop Restoration to be successful! One of those components was Traffic Coat, which was the final layer of this Miami Rooftop Roofing Restoration. This traffic coat was specifically designed to withstand traffic and maintain the integrity of the roof.

Warranty Information on this Miami Rooftop Roofing Restoration

As an approved applicator with HydroStop (A division of Quest Construction Products) we provided the client with a five year material and labor warranty backed by the manufacturer.  Which means that if there are any issues with the product or the installation, Florida Quality Roofing and HydroStop stand behind the work 100% for the first five years.  During these five years, regular maintenance and inspections were presented to the client along with additional manufacturer recommendations. Once the five years have passed, the roof system will be evaluated.

Final Product

In the end, the job was completed on time, on budget and exceeded the minimum requirements for the project. We are very pleased to have brought this awesome space back to life.

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